All swimmers must arrive 10 mins early on Sat 1st September  and Sunday 2nd so that you are ready for warm up. Saturday   warm up at 6pm  (pool booked 6-9pm)  arrive by 5:50 pm Sunday     warm up 5pm (during our usual swim club session), competition 6-9pm  arrive by 4:50 pm

Qualified Timekeepers

If you haven’t already signed up to help with timekeeping on Saturday and/or Sunday please would you use the link below ( swimmers who are qualified timekeepers should hopefully not be needed, if they are swimming at the champs).

For our newer swimmers – we recommend having 2 towels, spare goggles and hats if possible.  Bring plenty of water/squash to drink and small snacks.  Each event is swum in time order slowest to fastest and the whistles etc will all be explained if you are unsure on the day.  Once you have finished your races then you can leave or you can cheer on other swimmers.  If you are leaving , please let the poolside helpers or coaches know before you leave.


Training  has now resumed and entries for  our Club Championships on the 1st /2nd September have been sent out, if you have not received details and have entered please contact Sarah N.



Our last Training session will be on Thursday 9th August and we will return on Wednesday 29th August 6.30am.

Have a great summer everyone and we look forward to welcoming you all back on the 29th August.

The 9th August is your last opportunity to hand in your Club Championships entry form,  otherwise the forms will need to be posted / emailed  to  Sarah (contact details are on the form) and they must arrive by the 24th August.