26 club swimmers attended the Jeanne Barker Gala at a steamy Parkside Pools, Cambridge on Sunday 15th July, many bleary eyed from JFL the night before.  Congratulations to Bryony-Rose, Erin Mae and Nathan attending their 1st Open Meet.  Other swimmers were Ben, Thomas, Mark, Robert, Olivia, Jake, Sophie, Kaci, Lexi, Orla, Tia, Dominic, Isla, Breanna, Daniel K, Daniel M, Isabella, Connie, Grace, Eryk, Mia, Hannah and Iona.

As well as many PBs, medals were won by Iona (4 Gold), Robert (2 Gold), Lexi (1 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze), Daniel K (5 Silver and 1 Bronze), Olivia (1 Silver), Tia (1 Silver and 2 Bronze), Jake (2 Bronze), Thomas (2 Bronze) and Bryony-Rose (1 Bronze).

Finally, three swimmers also impressively broke club records: Tia 12 year old 200m backstroke 02:45.51, Jake 17 year old 200m freestyle 02:16.59 and Iona with both 15 year old 100m and 200m butterfly of 01:08.87 and 02:37.82 respectively.  Well done to all swimmers, coaches, managers, other poolside volunteers and parents for keep it going in the sauna-like conditions.