Congratulations to all Swimmers that Qualified

Gold medals-Olivia Brodie 2, Amelie Hawksley 1, Will Haylett 4, Mienke Putter 2, Jenny Holland 1,Tia Hill 2, Hannah Turner 1, Mark Banwell 1

Silver Medals- Amelie Hawksley 2, Jake Challenger 2, Mienke Putter 1, Robert Banwell 2, Isabella Pillow 1, Will Haylett 2, Lauren Challenger 1, Jenny Holland 1, Mark Banwell 1

Bronze Medals–Mia Tandon 1, Olivia Brodie 1, Isabella Pillow 1, Maya Hatch 1, Mienke Putter 1, Hannah Turner 1, Jake Challenger 2.

Completing the qualifiers all achieving Pb’s Kaci Gibson, Charlie Jarvis, Cade Kirkpatrick, Sophie Chandler, Lucas Hilcenko, Hannah Townsend.

Brilliant effort team


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