Due to the weather the open meet has been cancelled.

We have only just received the County Championships entry pack which has been emailed out today. There is a very tight deadline on this – Please hand all fully completed forms in by 8 pm on Wed 13th Dec –  NO Late entries will be accepted

The club expects all swimmers who have county times to enter.

The county events are held at different venues over different weekends – please check the programme, if have not received the entry pack, please contact elyswimmingclubsecretary@gmail.com


REMINDERS for Newmarket –

Please arrive 15mins BEFORE the warm up so that you have time to report to the Team Manager (Steve) and Elaine – if you are not present then the coaches will withdraw you from your races.  If you are late let Elaine know – please

It is helpful if swimmers know which events they are swimming in each session, poolside staff will remind swimmers to go for their races but it is the swimmer’s responsibility to be ready to go for their race, if they have a copy of the events then they know when they will be swimming and be available – we have a lot of swimmers participating this weekend.


Please remember 2 towels, spare goggles and hats; healthy snacks and lunches, plenty to drink – have an enjoyable time. Results are usually printed and placed on the walls near the WCs – they may be available online at the end of each session- it is a good idea to check the results so that swimmers can collect medals if they have won any (medals are only available during the weekend

All the Newmarket  meet information is available here


Including accepted entries if you have forgotten what you entered………

 Last year when swimmers were in the Sports Hall between races it was COLD – swimmers please wear lots of layers so that you don’t get cold when waiting between races. It could be warm, it could be cold

You MUST have poolside shoes- FLIP Flops/sliders/pool shoes for walking from the hall to the pool

BEHAVIOUR – we will have 45 swimmers at this meet – a fantastic attendance – please bring something to do – a book to read, homework or something quiet to entertain yourself – in between races.  The coaches and poolside staff want exemplary behaviour, they don’t want Ely swimmers running around and causing  noise or disturbance to other clubs.  Please remember you are all representing the swimming club.  Also, remember to inform the poolside staff if you are leaving as we have a lot of swimmers to keep track of. If you have finished your races in a session then you can leave/spend time with your family – just let someone know

PARENTS/CARERS – Newmarket really do clear the spectator area between sessions, you need to queue to get back in and cannot reserve your seats for a the day, also please note that no photography is allowed.